Joining Missio

I’m excited to share with all my friends that I am now part of the Missio Team, with Matt Smay and Hugh Halter. I will continue in my roll with Alan Hirsch and the Shapevine buds as well. My roll at Missio will to give focus and development with national training systems, network growth, and thought leadership, etc. In effect, I am working as a missionary to the U.S. All members of the Missio team are responsible to raise their own support. For me, this means I need to raise at least two thirds of my needed income. Sherri and I deeply appreciate those of you that will consider joining our support team. I know this is always said regarding support raising, but it is so true–any amount will help. If that means $25 per month it will greatly be appreciated. All donations are tax deductible and can be made through paypal as well.